What’s up at the Web Development Team?

Occupy Toronto 29 December 2011 by Michael Holloway   As the Web Development Committee continues to rebuild our ‘hacked-to-death’ website, we’re trying to better understand what Occupy Toronto looks like – so we can build a web site that reflects it well. One of the ways we’re doing this is to create a ‘schematic’ of OccupyToronto: An Image of “Building a Schematic of Occupy Toronto”   S... Read More »

Occupy Toronto – Regrouping Weekend

“Retreat, Regroup, Reoccupy!” A weekend of reflection, coordination, structuring and regrouping for activists involved in Occupy Toronto committees. Where: Steelworker’s Hall – 25 Cecil Street, When: The weekend of the 6, 7, and 8th of January. Facebook event This weekend conference will give the committees a chance to communicate and coordinate with each other, and restructure if necessary. It is... Read More »

NOTICE: Some website comprised to redirect to occupyto.org

It has come to our attention that some websites in Toronto have started re-directing to the occupyto.org website. Please be advised that this action is NOT condoned by the Occupy Toronto movement, rather some individual has taken it upon themselves to compromise websites in this way. The issue seems to be related to websites running Joomla 1.5 or 1.6. The solution is to check the source code of th... Read More »

Outreach Minutes November 28th

MINUTES 1) Roll Call at 3:45pm – Blake, Shelton. Webster. Absent: Harr 2) Approval of Agenda: Webster (m), Shelton (s). 3-0 3) Tabled approval of minutes from Oct. meeting 4) Public Comment: Marcia Levinson introduced herself to the Rent Board interns and said she attended because she saw that Angelina Toscano was on the agenda and wanted to 5) Continued review, discussion and possible actio... Read More »

Idiosyntactix Newsletter -Nov- Revolutionary Philosophy of Venture Communism

Lately I’ve been thinking about moving to Cuba or Colombia through immigration in order to build a new life for myself. I’ve been thinking about opening up a couple of businesses in both countries not to mention investing in some trade exchanges however I think of myself as a principled communist in that I believe if I was to do all of this that there most definately should be a fair d... Read More »

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Occupy Toronto welcomes non-charitable financial donations to assist with hosting and development costs for the website. To donate for all other costs including committee management, please use the contact us for here. No one working with Occupy Toronto is paid.

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