Icestorm Day 10

As we approach a new calendar year. Yesterday Rob said “for sure” all residents would have their lights on by days end. There are still a couple hundred that don’t! Plus he told reporters the City’s response was “pretty close to perfect”…  ... Read More »

Ontario is not getting it’s fair share

of Health Care funding even though it is the most populated Province and in fact transfers some $ 11 billion to the rest of the country. Whereas Alberta a “have Province” is getting $ 1 billion more?! Coincidentally 27 of the 28 MPs hail from the Cons in Alberta which is running the country… Read More »

Conservative James Moore

illustrates the mean spiritedness of cons when it comes to meeting the services that Government provides to the citizenry! After 20 minutes of outrage by social media he apologized dispite children going hungry under the Conservative policies at this holiday time…  ... Read More »

Comer lawsuit against Bank of Canada

On Tuesday, December 10, 2013, the Committee On Monetary and Economic Reform (COMER) Appeal on the Motion to Strike will be heard at the Federal Court, 180 Queen Street West, 4th Floor. The Hearing will start at 9:30 am and continue throughout the day.... Read More »

Ford’s proposed budget

under former math teacher; Frank DiGiorgio comes in at $ 9.6 Billion with a 2.5% property tax increase. Ford had promised 1.75% and a 10% reduction in the Land Transfer Tax. That was possible until Ford started boasting and his brother Doug started trash talking that the Province cut $ 50 million in grants! Also with the 0.5% portion for Ford’s Scarborough Subway PLAN pushes the City closer ... Read More »

Rob Ford has lied

about his role in a cellphone video that has been observed by 3 journalists and now the police. An investigation took place that produced several hundred of pages about one suspect…  ... Read More »

Harper & Duffy

have conflicting points in the Senate Scandal! Harper has trouble answering simple questions. Strange that Duffy who was on medical leave was able to make it to work. Wallin & Brazeau are also up to be suspended without pay and benefits…  ... Read More »

Line 9 Protest on Oct. 19

Oct 19, 2013 – No Line 9! When: Saturday, October 19th — 12noon Where: Toronto Metro Convention Centre (255 Front Street West) Enbridge is trying to pipe tar sands bitumen through Southern Ontario and Quebec, threatening the health and safety of our communities and waterways, and allowing for the expansion of the most destructive project on the planet, the tar sands. Enbridge’s Line ... Read More »

Peter Shurman removed as Finance Critic

for not returning his housing allowance which is close to the limit! As critic was looking out for the taxpayer except in his own situation played the rules to get taxpayer funding despite his great salary. He was also critical of Occupy Toronto! As the Fall sitting of the Province continues they will be creating a new financial watch dog position. Whereas the Federal Conservatives have delayed si... Read More »

Economics Workshops

Our Economics Workshops are back after the summer hiatus. When: Tuesday, Sep, 3rd 6:30 – 8:30. Where: Steel Workers Hall, 25 Cecil St., Toronto. Topic: Stop trade agreements that put profits over people and environment. Harper’s trade policies – undebatted not only by the public but also by parliament – are selling Canada’s sovereign interests to corporate interests, ... Read More »

James Forcillo has been charged

with 2nd degree murder of Sammy Yatim. The approach was sped up probably due to the video and public protests! There is the SIU and Ombudsman investigation as well as Chief Blair&#8217s &#8220Independent&#8221 one by Justice O&#8217connor. The earlier pattern is that Police get off the charges although in this case there is video of Forcillo not attempting to deescalate the sit... Read More »

Toronto lobbyists registry reaches

record higher below Rob Ford who has open the doors to business interests. The registrar had numerous industries get in on the lobbying most lately the Casino lobby which was in the end rejected in Down Town and Woodbine. &nbsp... Read More »

Rob Ford’s pal/current employees member David Price

calls into the Ford Show to praise his boss and correct wing policies even though denigrating anybody who opposes him! I listen each and every now and then to Newstalk/&#8221Opiniontalk&#8221 1010 on Sundays and I am often amused at the nature &amp personalities that contact. It is seems to be a set up&#8230and/or screened&#8230 Read More »

Moody’s down grades 6 Canadian banks

I know it was the rating agency that gave the OK to businesses that in reality gave fraudulent details in the 2008 economic meltdown. These particular banks have taken more risk under the policies of the Federal Conservatives and the Bank of Canada which has kept interest low and consumer debt at record levels&#8230 Read More »

Robin Hood Tax wins support

Euro Parliament okays 11 nations&#8217 plans to tax monetary transactions. Brussels (13 Dec. 2012) &#8211 The European Parliament has voted overwhelmingly in favour of a Monetary Transactions Tax (FTT and normally referred to as a Robin Hood Tax). Study extra: &nbsp... Read More »

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