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76% of North Americans are Debtors
How is it possible that three-quarters of us could all have just somehow failed to figure out how to properly manage our money, all at the same time? And why is it no one is asking, “Who do we all owe this money to, anyway?” and “Where did they get the money they lent?”
Financial Capitalism
The fact that most of the profits on Wall Street no longer have much to do with producing or even selling anything, but are simply the fruits of speculation. This is supposed to be very complicated — “Somehow they have just figured out a way to make money out of thin air; no, don’t even try to understand how they do it”.
Bankers are Allowed to Make Money…Out of Thin Air
But, only if they lend it to someone. That’s the real reason everyone is in debt: it’s a shakedown system. The financial establishment colludes with the government to create rules designed to put everyone in debt; then the system extracts it from you.

Finance Capital is the problem.

It is at the heart of the multiple socioeconomic crises that we are now encountering, both in North America and worldwide. Thus we aim to stop it at the places where it conducts its business: that is, Wall Street, Bay Street, and the other cities where it has (up to now) been permitted to thrive.

We know that it owns both our so-called ‘democratic’ political processes and the mainstream media. We also know that, unless we make a direct intervention into its operations, it will not stop its reckless pursuit of profits at all costs, which have ruined so many lives, both at home and overseas.

We may or may not have the same demands; after all, we are one common front composed of many diversified interests. Still, unified as we are by our one common antagonist, we will not stop until we have confronted and solved the most pressing problem of our time.
Guy Fawkes, Anonymous

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