Canada Job Grant

deal has been reached which excludes Quebec which makes up 21.7% of CANADA’s population. The Conservative deadline of April 1 has been moved to July 1. The Cons have spent $ 2.5 million on advertising this program that still does not exist and was a centre piece of the 2013 Budget… ... Read More »

G20 Finance Ministers

met in Brisbane, Australia to talk about the slow World Economy. It returns to another English speaking country for the 9th edition for the leaders in November 2014…   Read More »

Three Amigos Summit

consist of the leaders of the U$ , Mexico & Canada. On the 20th year of the NAFTA, there are still disagreements about resources. The Keystone XL pipeline has now encountered a stoppage in Nebraska as 3 farmers were able to mount a successful legal challenge to the Governor who rammed through the approval with out following regular process. Read More »

Conservatives smear former Canadian General

Andrew Leslie who served the country 35 years. He moved 18 times and as recently as 2011. Now 3 years later the Cons are going after him because he is an advisor to Justin Trudeau and may run in the Ottawa riding of Orleans for the Liberals currently held by a Con…   Read More »

Income Splitting mostly benefits

couples where there is one high earning breadwinner while the other stays at home taking care of children under 18. This does not help 86% but brings on average $ 1,300 to 1.8 million of CANADA’s 12.8 million families…   Read More »

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