Cons propose balanced budget

may just be tweaked to appear in time for the 2015 Federal Election. The budget does not do enough to help young people find meaningful work which would grow the economy! The budget does not do very much for students and short changes Ontario to the tune of $ 641 million… Read More »

Cons budget to hide real defence costs

as the Harper Gov’t delays many major military purchases after 2015. So that they can market that they balanced the federal budget in the 2015/16 year which happens to be an election year to pretend that they are great at it. The truth is that they inherited  a $ 13 billion surplus in 2006 and have gone into deficit for several years… Read More »

Conservative’s Electoral Reforms

are the opposite of a Fair Election in that it disenfranchises more voters! Vouching was used at least 100,000 times to allow let’s say a spouse vote who didn’t bring the proper ID because of confusion. The current and former electoral officers don’t like it! Also it takes away some of there powers which were used to investigate Conservative violations during the past few electio... Read More »

Janet Yellen sworn in

as the first female Fed Chairman for the Reserve that is privately owned and appears to be public because the President appoints that person. The markets fell in New York and Toronto as we move to “tappering”   Read More »

Day against the TPP, 12:30 event below

Jan 31, 2014 – Day of Action against the TPP When: Friday, January 31, 2014 Where: Across North America No more NAFTA — 20 Years is Enough! This is a call to action for communities throughout Mexico, Canada and the United States to join together on January 31, 2014, and say “ENOUGH!” to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other cor... Read More »

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