Livestreaming Occucopter R&D

A film by Dee Shanger ::: Livestreaming “Occucopter” co-designers: Professor X (aka, SimplyFly), is an electrical engineer & RC-enthusiast for the last 15yrs or so; & Dee Shanger, a master-livestreamer who has done over 4000-streams in the last 13yrs – he hails from Iceland. In this video recorded on Wed Nov 20, 2013, was the first successful test flight (#3 test flight... Read More »

Ontario is not getting it’s fair share

of Health Care funding even though it is the most populated Province and in fact transfers some $ 11 billion to the rest of the country. Whereas Alberta a “have Province” is getting $ 1 billion more?! Coincidentally 27 of the 28 MPs hail from the Cons in Alberta which is running the country… Read More »

Conservative James Moore

illustrates the mean spiritedness of cons when it comes to meeting the services that Government provides to the citizenry! After 20 minutes of outrage by social media he apologized dispite children going hungry under the Conservative policies at this holiday time…   Read More »

Conservatives screw up the CPP

which WAS fully funded by the Liberals 8 years ago. Ofcourse the Cons will blame the 2008 Financial Crisis. It was the Cons in  an Omnibus bill that rammed through legislations that raises Old Age Security eligibility to 67 in 2023 which hurts anyone 55 or younger that paid into it expecting to retire at 65… Read More »

G20 Cop gets a slap on the wrist

for his police violence. Babak Andalib Goortani gets a mere 45 days and still appeals because the Police Association is helping one of their own skirt even a small amount of justice…   Read More »

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