Robocalls & Elections

as used by the Corrupt Conservatives to disenfranchise voters by sending non conservative voters to the wrong location and thereby stealing a majority government which is running record deficits and raising the debt while cutting back on program spending when there is population growth and inflation. The Cons deserve to lose 3 if not 4 seats up for byelection! Read More »

The Cons convention

went from Oct. 31 Halloween to Nov. 2 It’s obvious what the party is doing to the 3 Senators that Harper claims should be responsible for their behaviour. Yet it was Harper who was responsible for appointing 59 some like Duffy, Wallin, Brazeau and Nigel Wright as his Cheif of Staff. The Cons paid for Duffy’s legal fees while Wright paid the rest… Read More »

Rob Ford has lied

about his role in a cellphone video that has been observed by 3 journalists and now the police. An investigation took place that produced several hundred of pages about one suspect…   Read More »

Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement(CETA)

is not really about trade but regulations! The details are sparse and could be signed in a couple of years. Will be bad for manufacturing, dairy farmers and workers who will have to compete will cheaper labour in southern Europe. Plus Toronto may be forced to open up it’s public services for private EU bids…   Read More »

Brazeau & Claude Carignan

the new Conservative leader in the Senate taking over from Marjorie LeBreton tried to make a “backroom” deal with Patrick Brazeau over the Spending Scandal…   Read More »

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