This is how we UNITE! This is how we STRUGGLE!

#OccupyTurkey This is how we UNITE! This is how we STRUGGLE!...

Thatcher the snatcher

took away milk from youngsters as Education Minister prior to becoming PM in England. She thought Mandela was a terrorist and counted Pinochet as a pal. Chile in the 70s &amp 80s is where the Chicago College very first attempted out their financial policies(we get in touch with Neoliberalism) Which have been enacted by Thatcher, Reagan whose death was also celebrated in 2003. Ofcourse Canada had Mulroney&#8230 issues went poor in 2008 &nbsp...

The Query of Socialism

The Question of Socialism (and Beyond!) Is About to Open Up in These United States By Gar Alperovitz, Truthout Classically, the central idea undergirding numerous forms of &#8220socialism&#8221 (and there have been several, several types, some of which use the terminology, some not) is democratic ownership of &#8220the signifies of production,&#8221 or &#8220capital,&#8221 or much more simply, &#8220productive wealth.&#8221 Really apart from inquiries of exploitation, systemic dynamics (and &#8220contradictions&#8221), the core idea is simple and straightforward: These who personal wealth &#8211 and the corporations that operate it &#8211 have far far more power to manage any method than those who don&#8217t. In a nation in which a mere 400 individuals own a lot more wealth than the bottom 180 million together, the point need to be clear. What is new in our time in history is that the conventional compromise position &#8211 namely progressive, or social democratic or liberal politics &#8211 has lost is capacity to offset such power even in the modest (compared, for instance, to many European states) methods the American welfare state once represented. Certainly, the emerging path is to cut back previous gains in several regions &#8211 not to sustain or enlarge them. Even Social Safety is now on the table for cuts. Full write-up:

May 1, 2013 – Could Day: Solidarity City!

Might Day 2013 When: Wednesday May possibly 1 &#8212 five:30pm Where: Nathan Phillips Square Join us in the streets for the 8th Annual Might Day of Action! Coordinated by No A single Is Illegal &#8211 Toronto, Might 1st Movement and the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty and a coalition of community groups...

GTA workers in precarious predicament

as long term employment is unlikely which impacts a lot of life choices and will lead to a lot more financial inequality. Please read very carefully. &nbsp...

Conservative senator Pamela Wallin

who spent much less than half a year in Saskatchewan has claims of $ 321,027 in &#8220other travel&#8221 expensives whilst Liberal Mac Harb gets a look more than on &#8220housing&#8221 expenditures and Patrick Brazeau is kicked out of Conservatives cronies&#8230 &nbsp...

Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau could

have been a undesirable appointment by Harper! He has made the News, double dipping in salary &amp expenditures. Lost a charity boxing match to Justin Trudeau. Was snarky when Ditchburn pointed out his bad attendance. He was the Conservative&#8217s aboriginal answer to denigrade aboriginal people of late &amp is now no longer with them simply because&#8230 after_domestic_violence_incident.html &nbsp...

Bill 115 implemented and then repealed?!

The McGuinty government imposes two year  so called &#8220agreement&#8221 even although the teachers did not agree&#8230 appear for far more actions&#8230 like Jan. 26 &nbsp...

Young & Jobless

is costing the economy billions considering that of the removal of mandatory retirement and an uncertain Economy beneath the Conservatives. Workers are staying in the labour force longer and younger workers are stiffled getting into it&#8230 business/2013/01/29/jobless_youth_charges_107_billion_in_lost_wages_td_report.html Plus there is a documentary on this. &nbsp &nbsp...


The Quebec Student “Maple Spring Movement” has shown formidable success in putting the international spotlight upon the demand for affordable and accessible education in Canada; after four months of continuous strikes, observers have remarked that the strikes could be reaching numbers of people on the streets as high as half a million, rivalling the American Anti-War movement of the 60s and 70s. The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) Ontario, officially endorsed the movement in an open letter, signed by a growing signatory of students and professionals who have recognized Montrealers for setting a “heroic example.”, a long time progressive alternative US news agency, recently commended the movement for engaging in the “biggest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history,” and emphasized the importance of the strikes, calling the struggle now a “constitutional challenge,” in defiance of the anti-protest 78 law. Labour unions and public interest groups have now been called upon, internationally to show their support, with a sense of urgency, as a solidarity response in wake of sweeping mass arrests, reported to be approaching of as many as 3,000 Montrealers. Last week, Occupy Toronto led a demonstration and march of 500 in sympathy and solidarity with the Quebec Student protesters. They aimed, also, to send a message that Ontarians call on the repeal of bill 78 and stated that they would accept the challenge of pressuring the provincial government to make post secondary education in Quebec and all of Canada affordable and accessible for everyone. In Toronto a small but building mobilization and outreach effort is currently under way through a series of nightly “pots and pans protests” that could continue throughout the summer and culminating in a general strike in the fall. Analogous to the strike, Quebec student groups have asked for supporters to boycott Quebecor Sun Media and other unsympathetic news organizations including the National Post, for what can only be seen as a politically motivated media blackout intended to weaken and isolate the strikers even in the face of violent police action and the government’s unreasonable and undemocratic legislation. Statement by the Ontario Student Mobilization Committee (OSMC): “Post-secondary education in Canada is in crisis. Students in Canada collectively owe the federal government more than $14.5 billion. Ontario’s tuition fees are 23% higher than the national average. Decades of cuts by both the provincial and federal governments have resulted in tuition fees increasing at more than twice the rate of inflation. High fees and debts impose a heavy burden on students and their families. Communities impoverished by social oppressions are unable to access education. Indigenous and undocumented people are completely shut out. As curriculum are standardized and specialized to fit the corporate agenda, class sizes continue to rise with debt. Our system is increasingly corporate-minded, placing profit ahead of education; ironically, however, most of us now graduate to a jobless future. This is not just the plight of students, but symptoms of a broken economic system. It is through well-funded higher education that our society grows and improves. Education is not a luxury, or an expense: it is an investment in the future. For the past few months, as Quebec students have been turning a simple issue of fees into a wider criticism of the neoliberal agenda, in Ontario we have seen our media rejoice at every opportunity to ridicule and discredit a generation saying they want a better world for tomorrow. On June 5th, we will march together in solidarity with the inspiring struggle of the students of Quebec, and to demand accessible education for the people of Ontario! Bring your friends, your voice, your instruments, your flags, your banners, your red squares, and most importantly, your spirit. The time for us to stand up and be heard is now. We must ride the momentum of this historic moment. This is more than a hike, more than a strike, more than Quebec; this is the beginning of a new way of seeing education, not just for now but for generations to follow.” This article was originally published by

99% Spring: New radical alliances for a new era

By Joshua Kahn Russell, Harmony Goldberg | May 10, 2012 Last month, a broad alliance of organizations from across the progressive spectrum came together to train 100,000 people in non-violent direct action in the hopes of supporting a wave of action targeting corporations and the politicians that own them. It was called 99% Spring. Some also called it “co-optation.” We call it “alliance building.” The conversation within the movement has been fascinating, and reveals some key pitfalls that the resurgent U.S. Left might fall into if we’re not careful. Grassroots groups that organize primarily in working class and communities of color such as National Peoples Action and the National Domestic Workers Alliance helped lead the 99% Spring process. Despite this, the terms of the debate have almost exclusively centered on the participation and limits of (as a symbol and stand-in for more moderate liberals, the institutional left, and the nonprofit industrial complex). “Are the liberals co-opting Occupy?” or “Is Occupy co-opting the liberals?” There is indeed a historical precedent of radical peoples’ movements becoming de-fanged by the status quo. And yet, too often, the historic limits of the Left in the United States have been connected to its internal tendency towards sectarianism and the politics of purity. At this moment, our own circular firing squads may be a deeper threat to the viability of our movements than “outside” groups. It is precisely because of our long-term work with radical grassroots movements that both of us dove into helping organize 99% Spring. We were each involved in writing the curriculum and designing the trainings. We were challenged by, and learned a lot from, the process. Our organizations (the National Domestic Workers Alliance and the Ruckus Society) are both movement groups that support frontline communities speaking and acting for themselves, and we were both part of the left wing of the 99% Spring alliance. We are living in an incredible time. Occupy has helped us all re-imagine political vision and strategy. 99% Spring was a bold effort with a lot of success, real limitations, and some mistakes. We want to share our experiences from the heart of 99% Spring project to help our movements think more clearly about alliances, and some of the challenges that our political moment presents us. full article:

Occupy: Take Two (on TVO)

After a fall and winter of some discontent, the Occupy movement promises to take to the streets of North America in a show of force on May 1. Steve Paikin talks to activists from Occupy Wall Street (Amin Husain) and Occupy Toronto (Sakura Saunders) to find out what they’ve been doing since the encampments were cleared, and what their aims are for tomorrow and beyond. Watch video 1/2:   Part 2/2

May 1st Day of Action and Reoccupation! Join us!

  *No Work *No School *No Shopping *No Banking *No Housework The winter slumber is over. Time to take the streets! First, take the day off work (if you can get away with it), get together with friends and affinity groups, and engage in smaller direct actions and assemblies around the city during the day! (Let us know what you’ve planned at [email protected]) THEN, at *4:00pm* gather at Nathan Phillips Square for a big rally and march! Finally, Join us at Alexandra park at 9:00pm as we march to an undisclosed location for a 24 hour reoccupation! Documented or undocumented. Paid or unpaid. We are Workers. We are Students. We are Families. We are the 99%. The 1% carry out war, throw us in prisons, make us poor, destroy public services, attack unions, and poison the environment. They deny us freedom and dignity. So We Fight and We Resist. On May 1st, 2012, inspired by 126 years of workers’ struggles, the Arab Spring, the Indignados of Spain, the global fights against austerity, and the Occupy movement, we take to the streets again! On International Workers Day, join us and our allies No One is Illegal Toronto, the May 1st Movement, and dozens of community groups in the city for a rally and march to respect Indigenous sovereignty, insist that no one is illegal, for international workers solidarity, to defend and expand public services, to stop prison expansion and corporate handouts, to end imperialist wars and aggression, to build peoples’ power, and to move beyond capitalism. They are few, we are many. Join us. Media Sponsor: Endorsed & Supported by: Afghans for Peace, CAMP Sis, Canadian Auto Workers Union, Centre for Social Justice, Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid, Committee for the Defence of the Iranian Peoples Rights (Canada Organization), Committee of Progressive Pakistani-Canadians, Communist Party of Canada, DAMN, Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly, Health for All, International Council of Latin American and Caribbean Women in Canada, International Federation of Iranian Refugees, International Socialists, Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity Network, Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity Network, Law Union of Ontario, Maggie’s: Toronto Sex Workers Action Project, Metro Toronto Labour Council, Mining Injustice Solidarity Network, Movement Defence Committee, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, Ontario Federation of Labour, Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation District 12, OPIRG Toronto, OPIRG York, ProtestBarrick, Rhythms of Resistance, Socialist Project, Stop the Cuts, Toronto Bolivia Solidarity, Toronto Socialist Action, Trans Film Screenings, Tudeh Party of Iran – Canada Organization, United May Day Committee, Unity Against Unemployment in Iraq, Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto], Workers Action Centre, Workers Community Party of Iran and more… JPEG poster | bw version | Facebook event...

Photo Journals from Occupy Toronto

  Hi Occupy! Much love and respect. Some of you have been asking where you can see my pictures are from past events. If you want to use any of them, or want your face blurred out for anonymity feel free to contact me. -Loretta 52 Division Blockade March Against Police Brutality Solidarity Sunday – Solidarity with Occupy Oakland! Dead-in Against U.S. Military Aid in Egypt   Occupy Toronto – Activist Assembly – Weekend of Jan 20, 21, 22 Stop The Cuts: Final Budget Showdown: Toronto vs Rob Ford! Occupy Toronto – Regrouping Weekend Occupy Toronto Homes for the Holidays/Rebelcity Fundraiser Occupy Toronto Eviction, 11/23/11 Occupy Toronto Evict Ford March, 11/19/11 Occupy Toronto Camp, 11/15/11

The 99 Percent Spring

Since Occupy Wall Street emerged last September, debates over its impact have roiled both liberals and conservatives confused by the fact of a (successful yet) leaderless movement lacking concrete demands. But something seems to be working. The 99 Percent Spring is just the latest recent example of OWS’s influence. An impressive coalition of liberal-left groups and organizations, led by and including the AFL-CIO, Greenpeace, the Working Families Party,, Campaign for America’s Future, United Students Against Sweatshops, CodePink, Global Exchange and Color of Change aims to recruit and train 100,000 Americans “to tell the story of what happened to our economy, learn the history of non-violent direct action, and use that knowledge to take action on our own campaigns to win change.” A cross-section of the country—from carpenters and stay-at-home moms to business people, students and farmers—has signed up for hundreds of sessions so far, according to an AP report. To me, the simple fact that the cream of the liberal-left establishment is promoting direct action trainings in the six-months before a presidential election rather than focusing all its energies on the electoral horse race is dramatic testimony to Occupy’s impact. After the trainings, a series of actions—referred to as “Shareholder’s Spring”—are planned to disrupt the shareholder meetings of Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Exxon Mobil, Chevron and thirty or so other leading multinationals along with a series of student-lead actions against Sallie Mae and other corporations that have profited off the student debt crisis. Full story at:

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