Contact OccupyToronto:

[email protected]
69 Yonge Street
PO Box 17076
Toronto, ON M5E 1Y2
Occupy Toronto welcomes non-charitable financial donations to
assist with various types of expenses. No one working with Occupy
Toronto is paid.

Financial donations can be made:
A. (preferred) In person, at any Alterna Savings & Credit Union Branch:
Account Name: ‘Occupy Toronto’
Account #: 5028427

B. By ‘bank draft’ or ‘money order’ made payable to:
“Occupy Toronto”
69 Yonge Street
PO Box 17076
Toronto, ON M5E 1Y2

Occupy Toronto needs your help. This is a list of the committees and ways of connecting with them:

Action Committee [email protected] and [email protected]
The Action Committee plans events and actions for Occupy Toronto, including marches, rallies, direct actions, and talks.
Economics [email protected] and
Education [email protected]
Facilitators [email protected]
Finance [email protected]
Food [email protected]
Gardens [email protected]
General Assembly Minutes [email protected]
General Assembly at Cloud Gardens – [email protected]
Proposals/endorsements should be emailed 24 hours in advance of the GA or in person at a facilitation meeting. (Check the calendar for details as the time and place of the meeting may change.)
Housing [email protected]
Inter-Committee [email protected]
Mailing List [email protected]
Marshalls [email protected]
Media [email protected]
OccupyTTC [email protected]
Outreach [email protected]
Purpose of Outreach: to encourage involvement in, and discussion on the Occupy Toronto movement. There are two broad categories of outreach:
1. ‘Inreach’: Bringing individuals and organizations into the park and on demonstrations
2. ‘Outreach’: Bringing the processes of Occupy (General Assemblies and Small Group Discussions) to spaces outside of the park to further discussion
Connects with non-occupy community groups and activist organizations in order to develop alliances, seek out funding, facilitate resource sharing and broaden the roots of our movement.
Oversees external communications through e-mail, social media, and corporate/independent media relations, and liaising with the street team, web team and live-stream.
Provides internal communications support through overseeing the Info E-mail and Event Calendar.
Provides educational and recruitment support through planning and implementing a regular series of weekend activist conferences (teach-ins).
Street Medics [email protected]
The Occupy Toronto Street Medics are still active and attempting to recruit more medics, as well as cover official Occupy actions. Our goal as a team is to try and ensure the safety and care of fellow activists during Occupy Toronto Actions (and previously the St. James Park encampment), while also enabling others to do the same through training and information.
Street Team [email protected]
Web Development [email protected]
is a technical committee dealing with everything except content. We maintain the code and make any custom changes to the website as required. We are also responsible for maintaining backups and making sure the site is secure and functions properly.
Social media:

BetterMeans – search for “Occupy Toronto”
Facebook – Occupy Toronto Market Exchange
Facebook – OccupyTTC
Twitter – OccupyTTC
OccupyTO Wiki
Other cities:

Occupy Kingston: [email protected]
Occupy London and OccupyLondon on Facebook
Occupy Newmarket: [email protected]
Occupy Vancouver


Occupy Toronto welcomes non-charitable financial donations to assist with hosting and development costs for the website. To donate for all other costs including committee management, please use the contact us for here. No one working with Occupy Toronto is paid.

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