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29 December 2011
by Michael Holloway


As the Web Development Committee continues to rebuild our ‘hacked-to-death’ website, we’re trying to better understand what Occupy Toronto looks like – so we can build a web site that reflects it well.

One of the ways we’re doing this is to create a ‘schematic’ of OccupyToronto:

An Image of “Building a Schematic of Occupy Toronto”


See it Live: http://bit.ly/SchematicOccupyTO

The Doc was made with Google’s  new, ‘Presentation’ application – it’s a live schematic of Occupy Toronto that’s updating daily as we get new info. All links are in blue and underlined – have a look.

If you have any new info to contribute, please comment in this Google Groups thread: “Building a Schematic of Occupy Toronto” – http://groups.google.com/group/occupy-toronto-web-development/browse_frm/thread/600b0ae71c2f6092?hl=en

A brief synopsis of 5 WebDEV meetings

The Committee met face to face on December 13, 2011 at The Imperial Pub (minutes) – and then online on December 15th (minutes), and December 19 (minutes).  We tried to meet on December 27 online (notes), but we didn’t have a quorum. Tonight – December 29,2011 – we held another meeting in Google Hangout (minutes).

The next meeting is on January 3, 2012 – 9pm in Google+ “Hangout” (see below to register and attend).

What’s Coming Up?

The new site will have pages for all the Committees and sub-committees – with links to them through ‘Tabs’ just under the site’s Header.

Forums, like Facebook, will be up for General Conversation – and also perhaps on individual Committee Pages – where anyone can comment just by signing up with an email.

To make the forums as democratic as possible, a ‘Rotten Tomatoes’, ‘Digg’ or ‘Reddit’ style ‘Vote up’ / ‘Vote down’ system is being investigated.

To make the communication portals useful as well as interesting, you’ll be able to switch your ‘View’ in any of the forums: see ‘Everything‘, or only ‘Official‘ Occupy Toronto posts (Blogs and Event postings from Committees, Sub-committees, and Action Groups).

The holidays have interrupted our progress a little bit – but I think Committee Pages will be up soon – including one for the General Assembly. At tonight’s meeting we decided, as a stop-gap, to add an RSS feed option to the front page that will link to the General Assembly Minutes. Currently they are being posted at a Google Group – this is the feed address the new RSS Button will link to – https://groups.google.com/group/occupytorontogaminutes/feeds ).

Soon we will have the  software installed to create all the Committee Pages. Inside those pages will be spaces for Meeting Minutes – and much more.

Also, you may have noticed that the “Living Schedule” (a live spreadsheet) is now a Live Google Calendar that updates daily. All Occupy Toronto Meetings, Announcements and Events can be found there – many with links to outside web pages. Access it through the “Calendar” link, just under the Header on the front page.

Happy New Year!

Michael Holloway
WebDEV Committee
OccupyToronto Author



Want to attend the next WebDEV meeting? (10/01/12 Google+ Hangout – 9pm)

Leave a comment at this link: https://groups.google.com/group/occupy-toronto-web-development/browse_frm/thread/bb0a4451178f73ae?hl=en
I will build a email list and when the Google+ “Hangout” is created, I’ll send out a call. (People who wish to attend should set up a Google+ account prior to the meeting – if you have a gmail account, you’re already on Google+ …  while in gmail, just click on the furthest left tab labeled, “Google+“.)


Occupy Toronto welcomes non-charitable financial donations to assist with hosting and development costs for the website. To donate for all other costs including committee management, please use the contact us for here. No one working with Occupy Toronto is paid.

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