Tuesday the 17th, Wednesday the 18th, and Thursday the 19th of January 2012!

Bring your tent, stay the night! Show Rob Ford and his corporate backers that our city isn’t theirs to dismantle!

On the 17th of January, Rob Ford and his cronies are going to try to pass a budget full of service cuts, attacks on workers and ordinary people as part of his austerity agenda.

Ford – a millionaire business owner himself – doesn’t care about ordinary people (neither 905 OR downtown,) he only cares about filling the pockets of his corporate buddies. Like other politicians around the world, he’s cutting services, firing workers, downloading costs to other people and telling people to “tighten their belts” while banks
and corporations make record profits!

Occupy Toronto is drawing a line in the sand and saying no more! We are supporting Stop The Cuts and their 5:30 rally at City Hall, and we are sticking around for 3 days after to keep saying No More!

Join us! Occupy the Budget! Occupy City Hall!

– For more info on Ford’s cuts, and on the Rally at City Hall at 5:30 on the 17th, check out:www.torontostopthecuts.com

– Even if you can’t stay overnight or have to work, your support during the day would be highly appreciated! Bring blankets and tents. Bring baked potatoes and hot chocolate. Bring a hot meal to the kitchen. Hang around for an hour or two serving food or helping with logistics. It all helps!


Occupy Toronto welcomes non-charitable financial donations to assist with hosting and development costs for the website. To donate for all other costs including committee management, please use the contact us for here. No one working with Occupy Toronto is paid.

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