So you may have read that Putin was elected again in Russia despite fraud allegations and concerns about government corruption. He’s in for a 6 year term after breaking as the Premier for the past 4, preceded by 8 years as President.(2 – 4 year terms then) The margin was so high and his campaign played it Pro Russia vs “foreign influence.” Russia is twice the size of Canada and has pipelines of power to the European Union.(EU)

Meanwhile in Canada; there have and will be protests concerning Electoral Fraud with over some 31,000 complaints of some one pretending to be “Elections Canada” sending non conservatives to the wrong voting location. Which seems to be why Harper is not too concerned given it did not affect conservative voters. Though with 55 ridings in question and the fact that the Conservative Party “majority” was by 12 seats?!

Looking to tomorrow in the U$. Super Tuesday has 10 states in play; where Mitt Romney will take the majority and eventually win the Republican nomination.  To face Barack Obama; who will raise more money from CEOs & Wall St.  to win  another presidency. So the kicker is that there are 33 senate races for 6 year terms where the 10 Republic seats look to grow. Where the standing is now 53 democratesque vs 47 republican. 14 OR more wins by the Republicans would give them control of both the Congress & Senate!


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