leaders and guests spoke in a panel on Monday night at the Steelworkers Hall to an audience over 100. Talked about the mining problem that they face vs God’s Lake Resources Inc(seriously) a junior firm  on the Canadian National Stock Exchange they say is planning to work on their sacred burial ground. Past challenges vs the Ontario Government.  A few years ago they faced Platinex Ltd. and several community leaders went to jail for refusing to allow mining exploration.

Tuesday at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada(PDAC) convention at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre(MTCC) there was an action on the north side protesting and making them look at us. There was a humourous fashion show of suits, oily and blinged out personas. Followed by a rally of speakers and informal flashmob/march.

There was a Sunday statement by the government to withdraw lands near KI from prospecting and mineral staking. From the KI view who is Ontario to tell indigenous people what to do with their land that preceded the formation of Ontario? My Question is: How would the 1 % feel if some corporation wanted to dig under Mount Pleasant Cementary to get at minerals?


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