With yesterday’s Provincial Budget going to a vote in April. Let’s look ahead at the Federal level.

In the 2008 election, Harper denied Canada was heading into Recession and Flaherty said we’d have Surpluses as far as the eye could see…

At the G20 in November 2008; the various leaders agreed to stimulate their economies by 2% of GDP. The Cons tried to pin it on the Liberals or New Democrats but stimulus was agreed to before the prorogation that saved their butts.

The proposed budget introduced by the Cons was to have a $36 Billion deficit which actually turned out to be a $56 Billion for 2009-10 Some $34 Billion deficit for 2010-11.

This past January they dropped the Corporate Tax rate from 16.5% to 15% which will push $ 6 Billion towards profits financed by over $34 Billion in deficits by all citizens for 2011-12.

The Cons now have a majority and were supposed to give income splitting and small personal tax cuts when they balance the budget. Unfortunately, they will be running deficits for another 4 years. So the gullable voters won’t be getting their break unless they vote for the Cons in 2015. Ha ha suckers!


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