Breaking News. Banner Drop. #May1TO: A good day to call-in sick

Toronto — As the Austerity budget in Ontario goes to vote, activists from No One Is Illegal – Toronto and Occupy Toronto issued a call for a mass protest and day of action on May Day (May 1), 2012.  A 30 feet x 7 feet banner was dropped off a highway crossing early Tuesday morning, cheekily telling early morning motorists to call-in sick on May Day, when immigrant and worker rights groups and Occupy movements across North America will be marching together against the attacks of the 1%. More photos coming.

Though capitalism and corporate greed have infected much of Toronto since the late 19th century, its most virulent form, “Austerity” has only recently turned in to a a pan-damn-emic.
“Most Torontonians are sick and could use a day off” explained Lana Goldberg of Occupy Toronto. “People are suffering with Harperitis and have serious headaches from Fordotrophy, which makes it really hard to work and make a living. They should call in sick on May 1st and come to the rally and march.  A nice day in the sun will help.”
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