Friday evening I got to the Ryerson U Student Centre early.  This time there was a cost for the cocktails but the food was veggie and free! A few Occupiers were in attendance, it was mostly academics. By 7-something the first keynote speaker Sarah of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill spoke on “Because the Night Belongs to Lovers:Occupying the Time of Precarity.”

Living in a park at night had a lot of interpersonal problems especially on the gender divide. The precarity was the situation of uncertainty or safety. The funny example was the men feeling uncomfortable among the transgender women who identify as women. Precarity could also alude to an underemployment given people had time to live in a public space.

Getting the Q & A rolling. I mentioned that living in a park was in itself an act of civil disobedience to assemble with others. The numbers of new and apolitical people who knew something was wrong. Being “loving” was being patience with those who had something to say and listening to them. Of course there was challenges with those who did not look at the long term objectives of the movement.


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