So 6 months ago the St. James encampment was dismantled by circles of  police &  some outside workers but the movement continues… I heard in the corporate media that we did not have solutions! I emailed the original media team to post solutions but it never made it onto the site until now

occupier economies: discussing solutions to growing inequality Nov. 5 to 22…

Objective:How to close the gap between the wealthy and the poor? by Question Mark & 50plus voices

Stop Crony Capitalism; example an unelected economist now runs Greece and an unelected Goldman Sachs alumni leads Italy
$1 Billion will be raised from Wall St. & Industry to ReElect Obama
In Canada, the Conservatives got 39.6% of votes successfully cast, 54% of the seats and ALL the power.
Solution to First Past the Post is Electoral Reform ie. Proportional Representation

Solutions for people who are suffering, sick & working poor/class STOP Fords Cuts
Raise minimum wage
Raise the taxable income federally to above poverty line levels
A serious look at native, people of colour & immigrants

Inclusionary Housing Strategy
build affordable housing, seniors residences, supportive housing for addiction

Tuition Reform/Debt

Invest in ECE:Early Childhood Education, nutrition programs, Education, Free post secondary for all who qualify

Youth Hiring Incentives
Jobs Plan, environmental jobs
Worker Cooperatives
Civil Society
Non Governmental Organizations(NGOs)
Not for Profit Management

Progressive Income Taxation to reallocate resources
Financial Transaction Tax
Inheritance Tax(see U$)
Improve Unemployment Benefits
Bank of Canada lending at no interest for Infrastructure projects


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