Thu, 28 June, 7:40 – 10:00pm

Where379 Victoria St Kerr Hall Gymnasium, Ryerson University, Toronto
Description Speakers include Trey Winney from Occupy Toronto and Ryan Dyment from the Zeitgeist Movement!
Roundtable Live is a discussion platform for a wide spectrum of socially conscious people: activists, academics, artists, educators, public officials and everyday citizens. It’s where we all sit around the table as equals and look for how to build a more just, healthy and sustainable society. The first part of the event features a media panel with 6-7 guest speakers. Every speaker presents his or her point of view and relates it to the other opinions around the table. The audience actively participates by contributing questions and comments to the discussion.
In the second part, the audience continues the forum in guided discussion groups of 8-10 participants. All Roundtable Live events are broadcast live on the Internet. We wish for speakers and participants to speak from their hearts. Everyone has an opinion and is encouraged to share it, while the others listen, reflect, and respond; the result is a new, family atmosphere of public discourse.
The groups were to reflect on 2 values and making commitments towards some action!


Occupy Toronto welcomes non-charitable financial donations to assist with hosting and development costs for the website. To donate for all other costs including committee management, please use the contact us for here. No one working with Occupy Toronto is paid.

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