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04 August 2012
by Michael Holloway


From ROAR Magazine, August 4, 2012
O, Canada, we stand on guard for thee!
by Nadim Fetaih

Monthly Quebec Student's march - Montreal July 22, 2012 via ROAR MagazineThey said that it had fizzled out. They said it was over. They said a lot of things. But one thing is clear: here in Montreal, the fight is far from over.


“On July 22nd, I went to Montreal to witness what was said to be a dying fight — but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Oh the folly of our times, believing that regrouping is in fact the destruction of a movement. What I saw was a beautiful sight of solidarity for the student cause in Quebec. Men and women, young and old, were out in full force, proving once again that the movement, which hides for but a moment, is only growing stronger below the radar of the media and general population.

As a person living in Toronto, all I could do was mire at the beautiful stories that would find itself within my city limits, to reach my ears as I would listen attentively at the admiration of my fellow Canadians. For the first time in a long time, I truly feel proud to be Canadian. A mass movement is growing.



Read the rest at ROAR Magazine | “O, Canada, we stand on guard for thee!” | by Nadim Fetaih published August 4, 2012 – http://roarmag.org/2012/08/o-canada-we-stand-on-guard-for-thee/

Ontario Students’ Mobilization Coalition (OSMC) is calling for a resumption of Casseroles, August 22, 2012 – Facebook Event | “Call to Action: Solidarity with Quebec, August 22” – https://www.facebook.com/events/366182496785845/


OSMC Tweet embed:


Mark your calenders and tell your friends! fb.me/wPcAVbOG

— OSMC (@OntarioSMC) July 31, 2012


I posted this overview of the situation in Quebec on my time-line in Facebook on Wednesday 01 August 2012 at 11:17 pm edt:


The Liberal Party has called a snap, summer Quebec Provincial Election!

The 35 day campaign will result in a polling day of September 4th — days before the end of summer holidays first day back to work after Labour Day.

My analysis: On the one hand, a way of keeping voter turn out low; and on the other hand to stop the growth of the mass movement by introducing an issue that could divide it:

Whether or not to put all effort into elections – or as CLASSE has said – continue to build the movement towards a “Social Strike” – a general strike of all Quebecois to defeat the neo-liberal agenda – to force the opposition Parti Quebecois to change party policy away from the neo-liberal austerity economics – and towards a progressive policy of infrastructure renewal and expansion – towards a reboot the global economy.

Meanwhile tonight, CUTV is live broadcasting Casseroles as at least 10,000 people on the streets of Montreal for the 100th night of Casseroles – much more than anyone expected.

Also, a heavy riot gear equipped police presence – and – plenty of the black bloc activists clad in their team’s black garb. (Apparently interlocutors for the police to fight – in order to create spectacle; and violent images so ‘state broadcasters’ can confuse those still fence-sitting – in order to stop the growth of the mass movement which is at this time, the States’ key objective.


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