When:  Saturday September 15th

Where:  Bahen Center Room 2185 – University of Toronto (40 St George Street, room 2185 *Just north of College on St George)  * The Bahen Centre is a fully accessible space.

Website: http://iamrev.wordpress.com/



What does it mean to be a revolutionary today? Can you be a revolutionary without a revolution? What exactly does a revolutionary do? How do we fight racism? How can students win free tuition? Does voting make a difference? Are the police on our side? We all have questions, but together we have answers.

‘I am a revolutionary’ is a one-day conference that aims to discuss these and other questions about being an effective anti-capitalist activist. Organized by the International Socialists, the conference features three workshops that will discuss how to be a revolutionary in your workplace, on your campus, in your neighbourhood, and in the social movements. We will try and address debates about who has the power to change the world, the connection between capitalism and oppression, and the need for revolution. People introducing the topics will draw on historical examples, theory and personal experience to try and discern what it means to be a revolutionary in the here and now.

Sessions will take the form of a short introduction on the topic, followed by group discussion. Everyone is welcome to participate and share their experiences.


12:30 pm Registration

1:00 pm Who has the power to change the world?

  • Capitalism is based on the exploitation of the majority of the world’s population by a tiny elite. How do they get away with it? This session will explain how class society works and how workers could overthrow it.

2:15 pm Break

2:30 pm How does capitalism cause oppression?

  • Sexism, racism and homophobia are just a few examples of oppression. Where do these ideas come from? This session will explain the roots of oppression and the best ways to fight it.

3:45 pm Break

4:00 pm Why do we need a revolution

  • Economic crisis, climate change and war are all features of capitalism – which is why we need to get rid of it. This session will explain what revolutionaries can do to fight capitalism and why they need to be organized to work for an alternative.


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