Wrote this in the Youtube page where I created the video edit, reprinted in it’s entirety.
First the Video:

MLB Tigers’ manager Jim Leyland’s Occupy Baseball Moment (00:31)


What I wrote under it:


Jim Leyland’s Occupy Baseball Moment

Published in Youtube, Oct 22, 2012, by Michael Holloway

In this edit, Tigers manager Jim Leyland talks about the World Series festivities in Detroit, the focus in the media on big money, and “the spirit of the people”.

A nod to the emphasis in this economy on money; Leyland points out – like the older ones are supposed to do – that it is “the spirit of the people” that is the most valuable commodity when a whirl-wind of consumerism and hedonistic excess lands on a place.

As soon as the words uttered his mouth I had a sudden image of Zuccotti Park on a rainy fall day last year – the hope we created, the Joie de vivre we enjoyed.

Another World is Possible.


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