We lived in St. James Park for 40 days, built a community, part of a global community, and we were transformed.

We saw the impact of austerity, as poor people gathered in the park to share food and stories of strife. Workers talked about how wage cuts, loss of benefits, and unemployment were impacting their lives. Indigenous peoples shared a sacred fire and openly spoke about the scars of residential schools, the loss and destruction of their land and the impact on communities throughout the country. Immigrant peoples detailed how precarious their status is and how Harper’s policies keep families separated and workers grossly underpaid. Through all these conversations, we talked about how the current political and economic system marginalizes and exploits people and keeps us separated. In the park, we found each other and began to build a movement for change.

On the 15th, our one year anniversary, we will celebrate our struggle, growth, and accomplishments as a community. We hope you will join us for this celebration!

1pm: SE corner of King and Bay – Musical march to call out corruption and celebrate compassion
3pm: St. James Park – Garlic planting jam to ward off vampires sucking the life out of the city
4pm: St. James Park – Free’scool workshop, practicing democracy
5pm: St. James Park – Open Mic at the gazebo
6pm: St. James Park – Common Thread community choir
7pm: St. James Park – Docket Theatre presents Performing Occupy Torontowww.facebook.com/events/392972550775367/
8:30pm: St. James Park – Hip hop, spoken word & the indie band Leading Armies
11:00pm: We march outta the park and into the future of the movement

See you there!


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