Saturday, November 3, 12pm

Dufferin Grove Park, Toronto (Dufferin St, between Bloor and College)

The former spokesperson for CLASSE, the main student union responsible for the Quebec student strike was found guilty of contempt of court on November 1st. He could face up to a year in prison and a $5,000 fine.

The judge ruled that Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois incited protesters to disobey the ban on picket lines when he stated in a Radio-Canada interview: “If students need to form picket lines to ensure that their strike votes are respected, we think that’s completely legitimate.”

We agree! Most of the student movement agreed! That’s how they won!

The court ruling is unjust. It is a political attack on the student movement as a whole and an attempt to criminalize protests. It sets a dangerous precedent for free speech and dissent. We must be vocal in opposing it.

Another 3000 people are fighting charges from the strike as well.

Drop all charges! Solidarity with Gabriel and the students of Quebec!

Please join us in the park with pots and pans :)

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