by Zig Zag, Warrior Publications, January 30, 2013

January 28 was Idle No Way more&#8217s &#8220Global Day of Action,&#8221 however one more in a series of rallies meant to put pressure on the Canadian government to rescind Bill C-45 and engage in &#8220meaningful dialogue&#8221 with Native peoples. The date was chosen as it is the day when members of parliament resume sitting in the Residence of Commons, located in Ottawa.

As opposed to previous days of action, this a single was also called with Frequent Causes, a new (and tiny heard of) coalition that consists of the Council of Canadians, environmentalist and labour groups.

Regardless of the new coalition and nearly two weeks of promotion, even so, numbers have been far lower than previous national days of action, such as these on December 10 and 21, 2012. These mobilizations every saw quite a few thousand Natives rally across the country, accompanied by numerous blockades of railways and highways.

Ottawa, which had observed plenty of as 4,000 rally on December 10, saw much less than 600 persons on Jan 28. When probably as a variety of as two,000 rallied in Edmonton on Dec ten, less than 500 attended on Jan 28. Winnipeg, which had also noticed some 2,000 rally previously (on Dec 21), saw an estimated 800 gather at the Manitoba Legislature (regardless of the scheduled appearance of singer Buffy Ste-Marie).

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