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Occupy Toronto Responds To Mayor Ford – Wordsmithing In The Yurt
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Occupy Toronto General Assembly Responds To Mayor Ford


Sorry for the Inconvenience, We’re Trying to Change the World

Rob Ford has announced that we’ve made our point and it is time for us to go. In response, we at Occupy Toronto would like to affirm our right and duty to peaceably assemble and express our concerns. In contrast to Ford’s statement, we have not made our point because we are not here simply to make a point. We are here to bring about change. We are occupying St. James Park to practice direct democracy, discuss solutions to local, national, and global problems, dialogue with various community groups, and to address various issues in our communities.

Whereas libraries are in jeopardy of being closed, we have opened a free library. Whereas the poor and homeless are being attacked, we have set up a free kitchen and free store for anyone to visit. Whereas social services and public sector workers are being cut, we are supporting labour struggles and the rights of individuals to have access to basic services.

In short, we are trying to address the inadequacies of the system in which we live and advocate for a better, more equitable society. The wider public supports our efforts, as evidenced by recent polls and the high level of support and donations in the park. We look forward to continuing to work with the community, and we welcome dialogue with all interested parties, including city councilors and the mayor.

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