Assistance the Occupiers at Gezi Park in Istanbul, Turkey.

Place social media to perform and spread the news:

two. If any of you have direct contacts with the media, mobilize them to report what is going on in Istanbul. Some of our close friends are trying to do that here in Toronto as nicely.

three. Voice your concern directly to the Turkish government by writing to the Turkish ambassador in your country. I know that some of you are planning to make trips to Turkey so it may really be effective to let them know of your concerns.

Those of you who are in Toronto can contact the consulate in Toronto from (647) 777.4106. But it would be much more successful to send letters. (addresses and particulars of which can be discovered in this link:

What to consist of in your letter
A. State that concerned at excessive force by law enforcement officials is routinely used in Turkey. In Istanbul, police used excessive force to disperse May Day protestors only 4 weeks ago

B. The use of tear gas against peaceful protestors and in confined spaces exactly where it may possibly constitute a critical danger to well being is unacceptable. Excessive force against peaceful protestors, as has been evident in the police response to these protests, breaches international human rights requirements and must be stopped.

C. Remind the ambassador that any decision to disperse an assembly need to be taken only as a last resort and in line with the principles of necessity and proportionality. International requirements call for that in dispersing assemblies, police must avoid the use of force or, exactly where that is not practicable, must restrict any such force to the minimum needed. Amnesty International calls on the authorities to carry out a prompt, independent
and impartial investigation into the allegations of excessive and
unnecessary use of force, and guarantee that any law enforcement officials accountable for arbitrary or abusive use of force to be prosecuted. Amnesty International also calls on the authorities to make certain protestors&#8217 rights of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression.

Rally tonight Friday, Could 31st at Queens Park at 7pm.

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