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OccupyUSA, the 99% Spring, and the New Age of Direct Action

Collaboration or cooptation? Expansion or dilution? Mark Engler on what to make of the 99% Spring. by Mark Engler Over the past several weeks, a broad coalition of progressive organizations—including National People’s Action (NPA), ColorOfChange, the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA),, the New Bottom Line, environmental groups like Greenpeace and, and major unions su... Read More »

Occupy: Take Two (on TVO)

After a fall and winter of some discontent, the Occupy movement promises to take to the streets of North America in a show of force on May 1. Steve Paikin talks to activists from Occupy Wall Street (Amin Husain) and Occupy Toronto (Sakura Saunders) to find out what they’ve been doing since the encampments were cleared, and what their aims are for tomorrow and beyond. Watch video 1/2: http://ww3.... Read More »

INTERSECTIONS 2012 Occupations

Friday evening I got to the Ryerson U Student Centre early.  This time there was a cost for the cocktails but the food was veggie and free! A few Occupiers were in attendance, it was mostly academics. By 7-something the first keynote speaker Sarah of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill spoke on “Because the Night Belongs to Lovers:Occupying the Time of Precarity.” Living in a park at ... Read More »

#may1to Revolution 2012

May 1, 2012, 4pm – International Workers’ Day March starts at Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto City Hall * No Work * No School * No Shopping * No Banking * No Housework * Recorded April 25, 2012 – downtown Toronto:... Read More »

Free Skule Schedule

The Free Skule is back with incredible classes for May Day! Check out the new schedule at: What is Free Skule (from the Free Skule Website): Free Skule is a space for critical education that facilitates the holistic development of the self, and the transformation of our communities. We are dedicated to an education based not in the organizati... Read More »

History of May Day, and “The Corporate Tax Dodgers” #OWS musical protest theatre

Occupy Toronto 27 April 2012 by Michael Holloway   “The Tax Dodgers” are a musical and political street theatre group made up of Occupy Wall Street members – the non-violent, civil disobedience protest movement. They produced and preform this unique version of “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” – titled “Take Me Out to the Tax Game”.   Lyrics Take me out to the tax game. Bai... Read More »

Medic Materials Required

With the May Day Events quickly approaching the street medics require materials and are asking for donations of the items listed below. If you are able to donate materials on the list please contact: [email protected] Saline (for eyewash and wound care) Sterile guaze (2×2′s or 4×4′s) Nitrile gloves in size medium and large Thank you!... Read More »

Banner Drop. #May1TO

Breaking News. Banner Drop. #May1TO: A good day to call-in sick Toronto — As the Austerity budget in Ontario goes to vote, activists from No One Is Illegal – Toronto and Occupy Toronto issued a call for a mass protest and day of action on May Day (May 1), 2012.  A 30 feet x 7 feet banner was dropped off a highway crossing early Tuesday morning, cheekily telling early morning motorists to ca... Read More »

Our call for a Toronto wide “sick day” picked up by the press!

Call in sick this May Day (May 1st) and join Occupy Toronto’s May 1st Day of Action! * Read More »

Schedules for May Day – Day of Action!

This year On May 1st, Occupy Toronto is partnering with our allies No One is Illegal Toronto and the May First Movement to organize a massive Day of Action for May Day. Inspired by 126 years of workers’ struggles, the Arab Spring, the Indignados of Spain, the global fights against austerity, and the international Occupy movement, we take to the streets again! On International Workers Day, join u... Read More »

Occupy Wall Street: what is to be done next?

What to do in the aftermath of the Occupy Wall Street movement, when the protests that started far away – in the Middle East, Greece, Spain, UK – reached the centre, and are now reinforced and rolling out all around the world? In a San Francisco echo of the OWS movement on 16 October 2011, a guy addressed the crowd with an invitation to participate in it as if it were a happening in the hippy ... Read More »

Mic Check for May Day

  Getting ready for May Day, Occupy Toronto took to transit to spread the word! On April 17th 2012 Occupy Toronto held a Mic Check in the TTC to talk about May Day 2012! It was a wonderful experience and I highly suggest more of these actions are done as we move closer to May Day.They are fun, quick and informative and they get the message out to new audiences!   Mic Check! This is Occup... Read More »

Upcoming conferences that Occupiers should attend:

  First, on the weekend right before May Day,  the Joint Graduate Program in Communication & Culture at York and Ryerson Universities is hosting their annual conference, which is going to be almost exclusively about the Occupy Movement this year. Check it out: April 27–29, 2012 at the Ryerson university. Just to give you a sens of h... Read More »

The North Star

  A collaborative blog by and for occupiers… Most of what is published by the left regarding Occupy is written from the standpoint of people who are not in the trenches and focuses on “what Occupy means” or “what Occupy must do.” The overwhelming majority of locally based Occupy sites are focused on actions, but there is little follow-up — how many people attended an action? What ... Read More »

Corporate Citizenship in the age of Occupy

  at Ryerson U was an adventure. Being 1 of 3 Occupiers plus 1 Occupy Vancouver guy in the audience was daunting. The academics did their research primarily on secondary sources see corporate media.  Having been a person living in St. James Park Oct.- Nov. was able to clarify & ask  challenging questions. The students have a career OR few ahead of them & made attempts to profess... Read More »

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